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The 1024 Project is a collaboration of Christian leaders, based on Hebrews 10:24 – “and let us consider ways to stimulate one another to love and good deeds.” One way we can accomplish this mandate is by working together to provide encouraging and edifying resources on issues that arise in the lives of individual believers and in corporate church life.

The 1024 Project is a clearinghouse of teaching, resources and information from likeminded leaders of Biblical churches, who are committed to Two Key Distinctives. Pastor Daniel Goepfrich is a Founding Member and contributor to the 1024 Project.

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Here are some of the most recent articles at 1024.

Relevance. Is God’s word relevant for today?  Has the Church become an irrelevant relic of the past, or does the Church of Jesus Christ (not of latter day saints) still have something to offer our current postmodern, post-Christian culture? There are many who believe that the Church must reinvent itself, or face certain death. One [...]

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In the last article, we examined the Reformed and Dispensational approaches to counseling. I noted although there were some similarities between the two theological systems, and there were also vast differences.The Reformed counselor observes problems, and solutions, from a Biblical and confessional worldview, and the Dispensational counselor observes troubles one experiences, and the resolution to those experiences, from a [...]

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Jewish Rulers During the New Testament Era Herod the Great The Romans allowed natives of Palestine to rule under their authority. One of the most significant of these Jewish rulers was Herod the Great.[1] He was required to gain control of Palestine by force. With the help of Romans troops, he was able to accomplish [...]

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“Don’t judge me!” In our age of tolerance, this statement has become a mantra used to stifle moral pronouncements and avoid responsibility for behavior. Some Christians might even say this to mean, “Don’t tell me how to live; I’m under grace!” or accuse those who confront their behavior of being ungracious. Grace is also used [...]

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Dr. Luther Smith – www.theurbantheologiansite.wordpress.com/ During my time, counseling from a Biblical worldview, I have heard many people say something similar to this statement: “As long as a counselor is a Christian, and is using the word of God, what difference does it make what approach they use?” Although it is understandable why one would express [...]

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Dr. Christopher Cone – www.drcone.com A theological system ought to be the product of exegetical study of Scripture, not a preface to exegetical work. Hermeneutical principles are first observed in the Scriptures themselves, even in a cursory and casual reading. Those principles are then applied in actual study of the text in the exegetical process. [...]

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by Cory Marsh – An Exegetical Case Study in John 9 Concerning God’s use of Physical Handicaps   Introduction When it comes to theological interrogations, Jesus will not backed in a corner. This is true whether the questioners are antagonists (Matt 22:23-40), or His own disciples as in John 9:2: “And his disciples asked him, [...]

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by Arnfield P. Cudal   – We live in perilous times. Our generation has witnessed a world that has become increasingly dangerous and uncertain. As Christians are being persecuted and killed in greater numbers than at any other time in history, our hearts wax in grief and sorrow. As we witness the decline in our nation’s [...]

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by George Gunn – A key distinction between Israel and the Church involves Sabbath observance. Neglect in distinguishing between Israel and the Church has caused great confusion over the significance of the Sabbath. Traditional supersessionist thinking has caused many Christians view Sunday as the “Christian Sabbath,” and that by going to church on Sunday, one [...]

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