Our Beliefs


It’s been said that doctrine divides, and it’s true. Many times the slightest difference in beliefs has caused people to form new churches, leaving the old behind. Sometimes this is necessary. Many times, however, people simply need to open the Scriptures and learn the truth.

At OTCC there are five truths that we believe are necessary for unity within our membership. While our complete Statement of Faith is longer, there can be no disagreement on these:

  • The 66 books of the Bible are directly from God and completely true.
  • Jesus is both fully human and fully God, a miracle accomplished through the Virgin Birth.
  • Jesus’ death is the only means of salvation designed and accepted by God.
  • Jesus experienced a literal, physical resurrection from death.
  • Jesus will return to Earth to rule as king in a literal, physical kingdom.

You can download our complete Statement of Faith here. If you have any questions about our beliefs, please feel free to email us.