Tree House Kids

Helping children from birth through sixth grade
learn how to glorify God in their lives

We understand that raising children who love and serve God can seem like an intimidating task. We all want our children to move beyond just listening to what we are teaching them to accepting Christ and holding onto those truths for themselves. In Tree House Kids we strive to come alongside parents and equip you with the tools you need to help carry the lessons your children learn on Sunday morning into the rest of their lives.

Each week the children are rewarded for bringing their Bible & Quiet Time diary to church with them. They are also rewarded for doing their quiet times, memorizing verses, bringing friends, and doing service projects in order to reinforce these habits in their lives. For doing these things, they are awarded “acorns”. On the fourth Sunday of each month our Acorn Store is open so they can use their acorns to purchase items from the store.

We look forward to seeing your children this Sunday!