Biblical Learning Center

Biblical Learning Center

Tyndale Theological Seminary & Biblical Institute


“What roots are to a tree, the doctrines are to the Christian. From them we draw our emotional stability, our mental food for growth, as well as our spiritual energy and perspective on life itself. By returning to our roots, we determine precisely where we stand. We equip ourselves for living the life God designed for us to live.”

— Charles Swindoll in his book, Growing Deep in the Christian Life

At Oak Tree Community Church, we agree with Swindoll and many others who believe that every Christian should not only read the Bible, but also be able to study, understand, explain, and live the principles given to us in the Bible.

That’s why we have partnered with Tyndale Theological Seminary to create a Biblical Learning Center in our church. Here you will be able to study the Scriptures in a formal, structured way, without having to attend a traditional Bible College or Seminary.

Contact us to answer specific questions about your study options (on-campus or online) and the programs available (degree credit, Continuing Education credit, no credit).